My spiritual journey began at about the age of eight (some time in the mid ’60s). I can remember asking my mother what was the sense of it all, since we’re all going to die eventually.

Since that time, I have experimented with drugs including L.S.D. and other mind altering drugs, alcohol abuse, and religion, but none of them provided any answers.

It was around 2005 that I started looking into the practices and teachings of Buddhism and immediately felt a true connection. Being Jewish, I liked the fact that many of the leaders and fathers of American Buddhism were also Jewish.

There’s a joke that goes: An old Jewish woman took it upon herself to travel to Nepal to
meet with the famous guru. There she learned that she would only be allowed to speak five words to the guru, since the he was so busy. So, she choose her five words carefully. Finally, she was allowed to see the guru. She sat down in front of him, leaned forward and said firmly, “Enough already, Sheldon. Come home!”


2 Comments to “About”

  1. Nice to meet you and nice blog on Buddhism and psychology. Feel free to hook up to our blog or use of any post. We invest time in our blog to share our journey and insight and hope some of our experience can support others. We are all of this journey together.

  2. FYI “Only in the presence of compassion will people allow themselves to see the truth.” is by A.H. Almaas who Gabor Mate quotes.

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